How To Protect Yourself When a Service Provider Is Visiting Your Home

Services in your homeHiring someone to work in your home is big risk. This is because you will be giving someone who is a complete stranger access to your home. There are many people who have been hurt by people that they invited to work in their homes. There are many others who have lost their properties to people they invited into their homes when they needed help. If you don’t want to put yourself and your family at risk, you have to do everything you can to ensure that you are not inviting a bad person into your home when you need an important service. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do that will help you ensure that you are only inviting people who will not cause any harm into your home. The things that you should do include;

Find a reputable company

If you don’t want to invite a malicious person into your home, you have to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. For example, if you need the services of a carpet cleaner, you have to ensure that he/she is coming from a company that has built a good name for itself over time. A good reputation can only be built by providing high quality services for a long time. Find out what other people who have sought the services of a given company before say. Read as many reviews as possible. This is the best way to know whether a given company can be trusted or not.

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Home Security: Unwanted Car

abandoned carWondering what to do about that unknown car that has been parked in your yard for about a week now? Abandoned vehicles that are parked on someone’s property can be an eyesore to the homeowner and it could also take up the valuable parking space, especially in crowded residential areas. Here’s what you should do to solve the problem:

Tip #1: Know the Laws

Check the local rules in regard with vehicle parking on someone’s property. Almost all cities prohibit leaving any vehicle parked on a street and on someone’s place for a period of time (usually 72 hours). Check the local ordinances as well.

Once you have obtained the local ordinance in hand, look for the topic of “abandoned vehicles” in the table of contents. Read the law carefully so you’ll know if you’re allowed to have the car towed away.

Tip #2: Check If the Vehicle Belongs to Someone in the Neighborhood

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How To Protect Yourself And Your Family While Traveling

Air Travel securityYour security and that of the members of your family is very important. You should not give bad people who may want to hurt you an opportunity to do so. There are many bad things that you don’t want to happen that can happen when traveling. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do that will help you ensure that you and the members of family are safe when traveling. Here are tips that will keep you safe whether you are traveling by car, bus train or air;

  1. Do not make yourself an attractive target to criminals

When you want to be safe while traveling, you should ensure that you have not made yourself an attractive target. You should not wear jewelry that is very expensive jewelry. Instead of walking around with money, carry your credit card or use any other safe methods of payment. If you have to carry your valuables when traveling, you should consider renting a limo ( This is because when you rent a limo, you will be able to travel luxuriously without worrying that unwanted people will be after the expensive jewelry you are wearing or other expensive items that you may be carrying. You will be picked up at home and taken directly to where you want to go. If you are so concerned about your safety, you can carry two wallets; your real wallet and a dummy wallet. The dummy wallet should contain a small amount of money and less valuable things. This way, when you are confronted by a mugger, you will be able to give out the dummy wallet to prevent further distress.

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Tips To Find a Good Self Defense Class

Self-defense for womenYou should look for a class where you will access the best techniques for self defense. There are many classes available but not all of them will guarantee you the best training which you need to achieve the best in self defense. You may be stranded on where to find the classes. But that should not worry you, you can easily find classes near you after you decide to search for self defense classes online. When searching for the classes online you should take your time and visit official websites of different self defense class providers so that you will decide on the best classes which will benefit you.

Check on the experience of the trainers in the classes

The best self defense class where you should enroll should have trainers who have a lot of experience. Trainers with experience will subject you to different tips which will lead you to mastering different tactics on how to defend yourself easily. You will easily know the best trainers who has a lot of experience after you decide to check on the period of time that the trainers started offering the training.

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Should I get a home security system?

breaking into homeWith the increasing cases of insecurity, burglary and the general crimes; protecting your family, possessions and valuable assets is of major concern. Investing in a security system is very vital and one of the best decisions one can ever make. Although it is an expensive measure, you will come to realize that the cost will be far much less than what a random burglary may cost you.

Home security systems are ideal for home owners and renters. This is because they instill calmness to the home owner and alert the authorities in case of a break in or any emergency issue such as fire outbreak. Basically, these systems deter crime attempts in your home and have an effect on whether or not a burglary will occur.

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Easy Tips for Protecting Your Child Online

Protect your family onlineInternet is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern times and many people can’t imagine their life without it. You can certainly benefit from using internet but it also has its pitfalls and steps should be taken to avoid these drawbacks. Today a lot a young children also use the internet on a daily basis which makes them vulnerable to various online threats. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are using the internet for and take necessary steps to save them from various online predators, hacking, inappropriate content. In this article we will discuss some useful tips that parents can use to protect their child online.

Here are some tips that every parents need to implement to save their children from various online threats:

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Top 4 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

Stealing identityFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms can be incredibly fun – but keep in mind that there are tons of people using them the same as you. Not everyone may be taking advantage of social media the same way you are. This is why it’s crucial to be constantly vigilant, balancing between “fun-share” and “safety-share.”

What does this mean? Basically, you’ll have to be careful on how you set up and manage your social media accounts to make sure that private things stay private. As you very well know, there are lots of people who learned this lesson the hard way.

That being said, following are some tips on how to protect your privacy on social media:

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Three Tips on What to Do When Confronted By a Mugger

muggerAnything could happen while you’re on the street, and anything you carry with you might just be taken away in a snap if a mugger catches you off guard. To avoid being mugged, it’s therefore advisable to keep yourself aware of your surroundings, leave your expensive gadgets and jewelries at home, use your phone only when necessary, walk on well-lit paths, and have someone accompany you especially in places you haven’t been before.

What mentioned above are the things you could do to lessen the possibility of being mugged on the street. But what if you’ve already been confronted by a mugger and you don’t have anyone around you to rescue you? What should you do? Giving up your personal belongings is the best you can do for your safety. However, if what the mugger demands is of great importance to you and you want to keep it while considering your safety, you could follow these three tips tested by experts.

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Guard Dogs: Will A Dog Really Protect You?

German shepherdThroughout history, one among the main roles of a dog has been to defend its master. The Romans made better use of the dogs’ loyalty to deter and detect their enemies by placing them outside their camps. Dogs were also used in England during the Middles Ages to scare off enemy horses into abandoning the knight they were ferrying. While a majority of modern dogs will act as home guards, there are some breeds that are known for having the characteristics required to scare off burglars. They are skilled in sensing a potential risk and hence, can prevent it by plunging into action immediately.

Pros of having a dog for protection

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Self Defense Techniques That Anyone Can Do

Man attacking a womanWe typically freeze when something shocks us and this is what the bad guys usually capitalize on. Unfortunately, violence is a fact of life that we have to live with. When it comes to our safety, self defense tactics are important and it is quite necessary to stay sharp. We have to question ourselves whether we are in a position to defend ourselves and our loved ones should someone physically attack us.

Thankfully, anyone can learn some techniques of self defense, regardless of their age, gender, size or even strength. Here are some self-defense tips that you need to go through. You may have heard about some of them, but let them all soak in, just in case you might need to put them into practice one day.

7 self-defense techniques that are surprisingly simple.

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How To Protect Yourself Against Pick Pockets

pick pocketRegardless of if you have been pick pocketed before or not, you recognize that losing your valuables to someone without your knowledge can be a very traumatizing ordeal. Pickpockets are anywhere, anytime, and cannot be easily identified – they look just like you. Therefore, the only help you can accord yourself is knowing how to counter or reduce the impact of being pick pocketed. Herein, I will share with you what you need to do as well as what to avoid to be safe from the pickpocket’s wrath.


~ Keep your money separate in different pockets. This will ensure that you minimize the attention on one pocket and will confuse the pickpocket regarding which pocket they should target.

~ Use a money belt that is kept under your clothes. This is a sure way to lock your valuables as well as keep them away from the pickpocket’s sight.

~ Use a dummy or mugger’s wallet that is easily accessible. This will help deviate the pickpocket’s attention from your real wallet.

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