Man attacking a womanIf you have felt frightened as well as intimidated when you walk on the streets then you need to make sure that you learn how to ensure your personal safety and security on the streets. The first thing you need to do is be aware about how to minimize the risk of being mugged or robbed on the streets. Awareness is the best defense. When employing these tips for personal security and personal safety, make sure that you understand that you are living in a world that is becoming increasingly unsafe.

Being aware about your surroundings is therefore very important to ensuring personal security and safety. Here is a brief look at some very important personal safety and security tips.

What to do when walking on the streets

When you are walking on the streets you must try to avoid walking by yourself and in addition, try not to appear to be distracted by wearing your headphones and also avoid talking on your mobile phone. Also, keep in mind that your body language conveys 55 percent of your communications. The way you walk and your posture as well as facial expressions and the way you make eye contact all affect your personal safety and security.

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How not to be abducted

When you are returning to your vehicle, which has been parked in an area, before you get near your car be sure to scan the area and be alert to any kind of suspicious activities. Also, be especially careful about vans as abductors as well as rapists to pull you in and drive off can use these.

Your keys are not weapons

Most people believe that keys can be used as weapons though this is far from the truth. If you try to use your keys as a weapon you can easily hurt your hands and the keys can also break which means that you will no longer have access to your vehicle. Only an especially large key is useful as a weapon.

What to do if someone tries to rob you?

Self-defense for womenBe prepared for a robbery attempt. The best thing for you to do is to keep a few one-dollar bills along with some change in a pocket that is easy to access. Then, if someone tries to rob you, you can through this change a few feet from you. This draws the attention of the robber and gives you time to make your escape. Also, remember that you should not fight over any kind of material item. Also, keep some emergency money apart from your regular money and purse.

Carry a personal safety alarm on you

It makes sense to carry a personal safety alarm on your person as then if a hostile person accosts you you can use this alarm to shock and also disorient your attacker and get vital seconds in which to make good your escape.

Try to walk in pairs

One of the best ways to deter street crime is by using the buddy system. In other words, do not walk alone as then you will become an easy target for criminals. It makes sense to either travel with a buddy or in a group.

Undergo self-defense training

It makes sense to undergo self-defense training; especially those that include simulated assaults.

Carry Pepper spray on you

Pepper spray is a good self-defense tool. However, it does not work for everyone and it is pertinent to note that between 15 and 20 percent of attackers will not be incapacitated even if you use full-face spray. So, do not depend entirely on this tool.

Try to escape your attacker

When attacked, the first thing you should think about doing is escape from your attacker. Try not to leave with the attacker as then there is a real chance that you could end up being killed or very seriously hurt. The best thing for you to do is to run away or scream for help or even through a rock through a window in a shop. Try to raise an alarm and if the attacker just wants your money then throw your purse or money at him or her and try and get away from the scene of the crime.

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