robber entering homeBeing a victim of burglary can be a very depressing experience since you know that it may happen again when you leave your home unsecured. Not only does this incidence take away your personal belongings, it also leaves you afraid for the safety of your family, thus losing your peace of mind. For you to be all set at all times for chances of home break-in, you should therefore equip yourself with the following tips to improve your home security.

1. Lock your doors and windows.

Never leave your doors unlocked whenever there are no family members or friends who may look after your home while you’re gone. Even if you trust humanity so much or you have been raised in a place where burglary barely exists, wake up and realize that the world you’re in is a lot different now.

From your front door to garage doors, make sure that they’re all locked appropriately. As for the windows, take time to check if they’re properly locked as well since desperate burglars usually resort to breaking in through the windows if all doors are locked or chained. To add security to your windows, it’s advisable to install safety bars on them that would leave robbers no choice but to retreat.

2. Keep the lights on and volume the stereo up.

If you’re going out for a few minutes to grab some necessities from a grocery store near your area, the better alternative to locking all your doors and windows is to let thieves that you’re at home by leaving the lights, sound system and television on. Through this home security measure, you can make thieves think twice about breaking into your home.

3. Avoid leaving notes on your door.

breaking into homeThanks to the modern technology, chances of leaving notes on the door to let your family know where you are decrease. However, there are still cases where you have no other option than attaching a note indicating that you’re not at home.

For instance, you’re expecting a package but you have to run some errands on that day of shipment, hence luring you into writing some notes to the delivery company. This careless action clearly gives burglars ideas as to your current whereabouts. So if you think you or your family can’t receive what you’ve ordered, just let the delivery company know about it and they would surely understand.

4. Install home security alarms.

Mounting an alarm system is one of the best home security measures you could take advantage of to deter possible thieves from breaking in. An average home security system works by communicating the entered password on the keypad in your doorway with the alarms installed around your home. If the input password is wrong, the sensor transmits signals to the control panel that triggers the alarm system to go off.

5. Set up security cameras.

Every 14.6 seconds a home theft happens around the United States, but you can add protection both to your home and family by installing some security cameras. This home security measure increases your chance to capture the robber since security cameras will reveal what is happening in your home while the whole family is on holiday and no one’s there to keep an eye on your properties.

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