self defense made simpleWe are exposed to dangers no matter where we live, work or study but unfortunately governments cannot provide security for all of us at all times. Luckily there is an array of personal security that men and women can choose to keep for self-defense when need sets in. If you want to take the reins of your safety, here are three top selling personal security products that you can start with:

Tasers are strong weapons against the enemy as they have a strong effect on targets no matter which part of the body you hit. Tasers allow you to strike from a distance to avoid coming too close to an assailant. Tasers have laser sights which increase your accuracy and they work by jumbling up neuromuscular signals. This mix up takes one’s ability to use their muscles away for at least 30 seconds, giving you enough time to flee and hopefully save yourself.

security pepper spray Pepper spray is a popular self-protection product that costs less than Tasers. As the name suggests pepper spray is a light, non-lethal device that can cause utter discomfort on a person. You can keep a distance and spray your assailant before running away as they deal with the pain. To ensure that the stream hits the target, spray in a fan motion. Pepper spray is great for women and students who do not like bulky things that won’t fit in pockets or small purses.

security stun gunStun guns are a huge best seller among those who are keen about their personal security. They are packed with various voltage levels to deliver blows with different effects. High voltage stun guns are better as they incapacitate targets much faster. For maximum effects, you need to hit areas like the neck, arm pits, face or thighs which have soft tissues. The downside to stun guns is that you have to be very close to use it against anyone. Some brands however, have additional features that give you more edge over the attacker. Such features include wrist strap pins which can be pulled to render the stun gun useless in the attacker’s hand. Advanced stun guns have high decibel alarms to get attention from those in the vicinity.

There are many personal security products in the market but if you don’t know which one to pick follow the golden rule by choosing one that you feel most comfortable using. Learn how to use your chosen product to avoid blow backs during times of danger.

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