Home securityHome security is usually the top priority for most home owners, nobody wants their residence to be raided by robbers when they are away at work. If you care about your family’s safety then check out the following solutions.

I. Frontpoint

Frontpoint receives an impressive ‘A+’ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), it’s based on a set of wireless & cellular connections which alert the user when an intruder enters their home. Given its high levels of connectivity, one doesn’t have to worry about power failure or disrupted phone lines interfering with the security system. However, what really sets them apart from competition is the excellent customer service given to customers. In case of any difficulties while using the device just contact the company and they shall be more than willing to help. Other advantages of using this product include:

a) Supports Z-Wave for easier home automation of door locks, plug-in lamps and thermostats.

b) Crash & Smash protection

c) Easy and absolutely free to relocate

d) Daily ‘Pinging’ service to notify the owner if their alarm suddenly stops responding

II. LiveWatch

LiveWatch is very popular amongst customers because apart from providing alarm services, it also functions as a home monitoring, automation, camera security and business security system for those who may want to use it outside the home as well. Low price guarantee, free shipping for orders above $199 and free tech support from the company are other features that make this security system worth getting.

III. Protect America

breaking into homeProtect America is another affordable system which you can install at home, in fact they have the lowest price plan in the market known as Copper Landline which goes for only $19.99 a month. Apart from that, they have a General Electric (GE) monitoring console that comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. This product is guaranteed to meet all the home security needs of modern homeowners. They don’t have cellular monitoring as a mandatory package, though one can still sign up for it at a minimal fee. Protect America receives an A- rating from Better Business Bureau and also has an impressive customer service with live chat, videos, forums and phone support. Moreover, unlike other companies in the industry they offer free activation services as well as zero standard equipment fees. There are 4 unique security options that you can choose from, and the home automation system is available through Z-Wave.

IV. SimpliSafe

thief entering homeIf a simple yet effective alarm system is what you need then look no further than SimpliSafe, there are no additional costs apart from the primary equipment fee. This firm only offers ready-to-install equipment and there are no middle men for you to go through before having it installed in your home. The gadget makes use of a dedicated cellular communication with central monitoring system, which works perfectly when dealing with emergency cases. SimpliSafe doesn’t require customers to sign up any contracts before accessing their services, you can install the security console at whichever time and discontinue use whenever you want. Additionally, since one can always upgrade the system later on it makes the unit a great product start with when doing a home security installation for the first time. Other benefits of using the product include 3yr equipment warranty, smartphone app control-over-system and 60 day cash back guarantee for each new purchase.

V. Link Interactive

It’s one of the oldest security systems available having been in the market for more than 60yrs, serving as a regional alarm provider during most of that time. Throughout their existence they have managed to upgrade the units to match with each homeowner’s individual needs, moreover Link Interactive has partnered with Alarm.com where all interactive services can directly be accessed from there. The company also offers a 30-day cash back warranty for all new buyers. In addition, since it operates wirelessly one can easily relocate the console from one room to another without worrying about putting up new connections. The system is designed in such a way that it periodically checks to ensure the monitoring station is working perfectly, this ensures that your home is monitored 24/7 and there’s no downtime.

These are some of the best home security systems that you can find in the market today, before choosing any do some proper research to know which one fits your lifestyle.

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