Internet securityEvery time you sit down in front of your computer, you may never think about security. But in the real sense security is the most important thing in the digital world. The game you are downloading maybe infected by a malware, and the post that looks hilarious by a friend might have been planted by a clickjacker. The email that you want to read may be entangled in a flood of spam. If you are not careful also, you can lose your money in your credit card. Children minds may be polluted if we don’t take the appropriate actions to secure what they watch and read from the internet. The following products will help you secure your computer.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

by ManageEngine

EventLog Analyzer is the cheapest security information and Event managmetn (SIEM) product found in the current market. It meets all the useful SIEM abilities for example, log analsyis, log aggregation, compliance reporting, user activity monitoring, file integrity monitoring, real time alerting, event correlation, log retention and log forensics. Now you can lessen cyber-attacks, detect the cause of the security bridge and do away with data breaches.


by Beyond Security

The AVDS series of network assessment of vulnerability and web application testing of security solutions are very accurate and simple to use in the industry. It can be scaled in size 50-500,000 IPs. It will detect, prioritize and then manage then repair security weaknesses within the network and the web applications with the initial setup and the smallest upkeep possible. The behavior scanning has no false positives. Finds new active IPs, applications, access points that are wireless and sends no data outside the network.

Avast premier 2015

Avast produces the best free AV offering, living no one with any excuse whatsoever of lacking protection on their pc. Though the product is lacking on some features, it’s still unbeatable.

There also those security products which allow one to control what a child can be exposed to on the internet and those that need to be restrained. The features of these apps include, blocking content and app monitoring.

App Certain

App Certain emails a parent every time a child downloads a new app, then gives an analysis of the app for example if the app contains more expensive in-app purchases or does access the contact list. Parents may also make use of the “curfew mode” that gives the access ability remotely to switch off their child’s apps or games.

Norton Family Parental Control

The free version enables users to view which websites their children are accessing from their computer or their cell phones and lets parents block the specific sites. The users may also receive a one week history of the online activities of the child, for parents who are worried about the bullying related to the cyber, the purchased version installs on all the computer machines at home and all the android phone users can see their children’s text messages.

Net Nanny

This has mobile monitoring services belonging to android and apple which will help to block any adult content. It also has Net Nanny Social that allows parents to do a screening for cyber bullying or any unsafe activity. If there will be anything unsafe that will be detected, parents will receive an alert. The parent can also be able to login and see all the social media activity in the dashboard.

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