pick pocketRegardless of if you have been pick pocketed before or not, you recognize that losing your valuables to someone without your knowledge can be a very traumatizing ordeal. Pickpockets are anywhere, anytime, and cannot be easily identified – they look just like you. Therefore, the only help you can accord yourself is knowing how to counter or reduce the impact of being pick pocketed. Herein, I will share with you what you need to do as well as what to avoid to be safe from the pickpocket’s wrath.


~ Keep your money separate in different pockets. This will ensure that you minimize the attention on one pocket and will confuse the pickpocket regarding which pocket they should target.

~ Use a money belt that is kept under your clothes. This is a sure way to lock your valuables as well as keep them away from the pickpocket’s sight.

~ Use a dummy or mugger’s wallet that is easily accessible. This will help deviate the pickpocket’s attention from your real wallet.

~ Shorten your bag straps. Long bag straps will make it hard for you to feel it when someone tries to access it, therefore shortening will make it more visible and near to your body.

~ Keep your purse or bag where you can always see it. Develop a never-lose-it attitude towards all your valuables.

~ In hotels, make use of hotel-safes or hide your valuables within your luggage. This will make it hard to access your valuables. Trust nobody. Even hotel room service can snatch something valuable to you.

~ If you are new in a city use small street guides. This will ensure you don’t look distracted or lost. It is even better to study your map in advance and keep a simple list of directions rather than using the whole map on the street.

~ Make use of technology. There are applications that can help you. For instance, BeSafe app for iPads or iPhones can help you know the pickpocket hotspots in a city like Paris.

~ Ensure your purse, pocket or bag is zipped. Zipping is a sure way to minimize access to valuables in a pocket, purse or bag.


~ Avoid brand-name items like laptop or camera bags, or designer clothes on the street. These only attract more attention to you and your valuables.

~ Avoid staying close to the door in a train. During departure, the commotion is usually prime-state for pickpockets. They will snatch your valuable from outside and the closing doors of the train will help them get away with it.

~ Avoid large crowds. Crowded locations are pickpocket hotspots. They easily camouflage in the crowds after picking your valuable.

~ Avoid “begging” children or pen-handlers. Children are used by pickpockets since they look innocent. Mostly, the children have been taught how to pickpocket. Therefore, unless you have loose change, avoid them completely.

~ Avoid fiddling with or touching the location of your valuables frequently. This only attracts attention to your valuables.

~ Avoid keeping your valuables in exterior pockets or back pockets on back snaps.

~ Avoid street bumping or colliding.

To conclude, you have seen that you have a substantial amount of control when it comes to knowing how to counter or reduce the impact of being pick pocketed. The baseline is that you make it hard to get to your valuables, mind your own business and minimize the amount of attention you attract. As simple as that, you will be well protected against pick pockets.

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