Man attacking a womanWe typically freeze when something shocks us and this is what the bad guys usually capitalize on. Unfortunately, violence is a fact of life that we have to live with. When it comes to our safety, self defense tactics are important and it is quite necessary to stay sharp. We have to question ourselves whether we are in a position to defend ourselves and our loved ones should someone physically attack us.

Thankfully, anyone can learn some techniques of self defense, regardless of their age, gender, size or even strength. Here are some self-defense tips that you need to go through. You may have heard about some of them, but let them all soak in, just in case you might need to put them into practice one day.

7 self-defense techniques that are surprisingly simple.

  1. Know your environment. Understand the threats that the place you are in poses. This is the number one rule for self defense. Know the potential threats and know where the exits are.
  2. When an attacker holds your wrist, do not try to fight by pulling away your wrist. Instead, rotate your wrist such that your thumb lines up with where your attacker’s fingers meet his thumb then jerk sharply by twisting your arm at the elbow.
  3. Self-defense for womenUse any personal items that you may have in your pockets. These include things like combs and keys. Using them, knock the point where the attacker’s upper teeth meet their lip. Try this on yourself and see how painful it gets.
  4. If you notice that someone if following you, cross to the other side of the street. Act suspiciously and keep looking behind to check them out. Move swiftly towards a well-lit street or where you can spot a group of people. This will most likely distract the stalker.
  5. Inflict damage on the attacker using your elbows, knees and head. Let these be your in-built weapons. Use your elbows to hit the attacker’s cheekbone as well as the stomach region and they sure will retreat. Using your knee, hit him/her on the groin with as much force as you can. Additionally, you can use your head to hit the attacker’s facial region, especially the nose.
  6. Capitalize on your weight. It does not matter how heavy you are as compared with the attacker but sure enough, you do not want to stand there for too long throwing punches at your attacker in a violent situation. To use you weight for self defense, you need to throw it all at strategic points on your attacker. Focus on hitting those points that will cause the most damage such as the back of the head, knees, eyes, stepping on their feet then pushing them with all you energy on the chest so that they can topple and fall backwards or even kicking the attacker on the groin.
  7. Maintain calm and memorize the most appropriate pressure zones to hit

When confronted by an attacker, try to remain calm. Analyze the attacker’s position to determine the most appropriate position to hit just in case they provoke you. For example, there is no point of moving closer so as to hit the attacker’s nose when you can reach his/her knee effectively with a kick. The best pressure zones to hit an attacker are eyes, mouth, groin and knees.


This is just a sample of self defense techniques that may come in handy one day or make you feel confident and safer as you move around. However, they are not a replacement to taking a self defense class and practicing self defense techniques in real life.


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