muggerAnything could happen while you’re on the street, and anything you carry with you might just be taken away in a snap if a mugger catches you off guard. To avoid being mugged, it’s therefore advisable to keep yourself aware of your surroundings, leave your expensive gadgets and jewelries at home, use your phone only when necessary, walk on well-lit paths, and have someone accompany you especially in places you haven’t been before.

What mentioned above are the things you could do to lessen the possibility of being mugged on the street. But what if you’ve already been confronted by a mugger and you don’t have anyone around you to rescue you? What should you do? Giving up your personal belongings is the best you can do for your safety. However, if what the mugger demands is of great importance to you and you want to keep it while considering your safety, you could follow these three tips tested by experts.

1. Know where the different strike points are.

Strike points include, but not limited to, middle of the top of the head, amid the eyes, the nasal bridge, the nasal septum, the throat, the breastbone, the lower part of the stomach, the groin and the feet’s shins and bridges. Hitting the mugger in strike points is like splashing him with a pepper spray since it temporarily immobilizes him. What you only have to do to make sure that he doesn’t retaliate after hitting him is, you act rapidly and grab the opportunity to escape.

2. Learn how to accurately hit the strike points.Self-defense for women

Careless attempts to hit your mugger’s strike points will just leave you in a more serious trouble. That being said, it’s important to remember that if you’re going to hit a soft strike point, use your knee or fist. If it’s a hard strike point, prepare your palm, elbow or foot to deal with it. In addition, don’t forget to feel frightened in front of your mugger. He should feel that you’re scared of him to deceive him that you could strike anytime an opening shows itself.

3. Use a strategy carried out by undercover police officers.

Undercover police officers usually dress up as civilians to capture their targets. One of their ways is to disguise as drunk people, who are more prone to being mugged due to their oblivion to their surroundings. When confronted by a mugger, an undercover police officer hands over his belongings but still clutches on them indicating his reluctance to surrender them. While the mugger is busy grabbing them forcefully out of the officer’s hands, the officer deems it as his opening to catch the mugger off guard and hit him in the groin or any other strike points, thus taking him down on the ground.

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