Protect your family onlineInternet is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern times and many people can’t imagine their life without it. You can certainly benefit from using internet but it also has its pitfalls and steps should be taken to avoid these drawbacks. Today a lot a young children also use the internet on a daily basis which makes them vulnerable to various online threats. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are using the internet for and take necessary steps to save them from various online predators, hacking, inappropriate content. In this article we will discuss some useful tips that parents can use to protect their child online.

Here are some tips that every parents need to implement to save their children from various online threats:

1) Never Allow Children To Use Internet When Alone

The first important tip that every parents need to follow is to ensure that their children never use the internet when they are alone. You should be around when they use the computer so that you can keep a tab on the sites they visit and can guide them if you find something wrong. Many children even have internet on their phones and it may be difficult for parents to keep track of their online activities. Parents should either avoid getting kids a phone that can be used to access internet or use some tracking software so that you can see the phone screen when they use the internet.

2) Parental Control Software

Parents can even use various software to ensure that their children are protected against online threats when using the internet. You can use various internet filtering software that can block websites that have inappropriate content for your children. Parents can also use parenting monitoring software for even better protection of their children online. Children use different social networking sites and a parenting monitoring software will help you keep track of people your kids are communicating with. This will help you protect them from people who can be dangerous for your children.

3) Limit Usage

Control usageYou should teach your children that using the internet is a privilege and not a right. Parents need to ensure that children should not use the internet for several hours on a daily basis. You should encourage them to use the internet for finding useful information, doing some research for their studies. Children often start considering internet as a part of life and this is where parents need to step in and explain them about the right usage of internet. You can even use internet access as a form of reward for good behavior, high grades or helping with household chores. You can also cut down on their internet usage when they behave badly, get poor grades etc. You can even use certain software that can restrict internet usage of your child. The software will only allow the child to use the internet only for a set amount of time. You can even set it up so that they can’t use internet when you are not home or during normal sleep hours especially on school days.

4) Monitor Your Child’s Computer

You should monitor your child’s computer regularly so that you can anticipate and protect them from any potential online threats. Parents allowing their children to use internet without any monitoring is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided. You should keep track of people they are talking and sites that they are using so that you can protect them online threats like cyberbullies, online predators and websites with inappropriate content.

5) Place Child’s Computer In a Common Areakeep computer in public places

Parents need to ensure that the computer used by their children is never placed in an isolated part of the house. This makes them prone to various online threats as it makes it tough for parents to supervise and control their internet usage. You should certainly avoid placing the computer in the bedroom of your kids as that will mean they will use it the internet even when they should be studying or sleeping. You should place the computer in a common area of the house where you can easily supervise their internet usage and help them protect against all kind of online threats.

Internet has become a part of modern lifestyle and it certainly has a lot of wonderful information to offer. Parents should keep track of their children’s online activity but should also encourage them to use internet for finding useful information that can be beneficial for them. Parents should follow the above discussed tips and keep the lines of communication with their children which will help them protect their children from various online threats.

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