breaking into homeWith the increasing cases of insecurity, burglary and the general crimes; protecting your family, possessions and valuable assets is of major concern. Investing in a security system is very vital and one of the best decisions one can ever make. Although it is an expensive measure, you will come to realize that the cost will be far much less than what a random burglary may cost you.

Home security systems are ideal for home owners and renters. This is because they instill calmness to the home owner and alert the authorities in case of a break in or any emergency issue such as fire outbreak. Basically, these systems deter crime attempts in your home and have an effect on whether or not a burglary will occur.

Home security options

  • Video surveillance

This can be monitored from a computer or a smart phone.

  • Wireless security

It is quick and easier to install.

  • Remote access

This enables you to either lock or unlock the door from whatever place you are.thief entering home

  • Wired security

It is less expensive though not ideal for people who keep on relocating.

  • Energy management
  • Medical alert.

All the above options are applicable in monitoring issues ranging from burglary, fire, smoke, temperature to medical alert.

Pros and cons of getting a home security system:


  1. The security systems are a potential deterrent to home burglaries. Statistics evaluate that homes with no security are 2 to 3 times most likely to fall victim to burglary as compared to homes with installed security.
  2. The system will often alert and send you messages regarding the status of your home. In case of a break in; the authorities are easily alarmed and dispatched to you.
  3. The chime feature notifies you whenever anyone enters or exits the home. This is most applicable when you have little children around the home and you want to monitor their movements.
  4. The system is able to detect smoke or fire and hence alert you before it is too late. This can include electrical issues, cooking mishap or a heating stove.
  5. Wireless security is quick and easy to install. More so, they are more portable while relocating especially for the renters who constantly move out.

VIDEO: What’s The Average Cost Of A Home Security System?


  1. Home security systems are expensive and costly as they include a monthly charge and an initial installation fee. Though it can be a drawback to some, the cost is often worthy covering the potential risk. So, it will be applicable to you based on the way you look at the savings versus the cost.
  2. You have to set an alarm in order for it to work. Not doing so won’t do any good to the security system.
  3. At times, you might get a ‘false alarm’ and the authorities may charge you for that. This happens when they come over to your home and find no burglar or any sign of forced entry.
  4. There are cases of a failed sense of security especially when the burglars still enter the home with an alarm on. These professional burglars know how to get in, take whatever they please and storm out without being caught.

Conclusively, getting a home security system is only ideal for you depending on how you weigh the cost versus savings. This is because an average burglary may cost you more than the cost of the security system.

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